Broken Leg Theatre

Established in 2008 our company performed our first production in the basement of a small cafĂ© and have since gone on to perform two home-grown plays at the Nightingale Theatre, the Hackney Empire and London’s Greenwich Theatre.

Broken Leg is currently funded by Arts Council England to research our latest production, Three Generations.

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Emily and I are going to the Edinburgh festival next weekend. Eek. I think it would be fair to say that we're a little bit more than a little bit excited! But it's not just a jolly, although we are staying with my friends Kimmy and Veg who like the odd tipple... this is a fact finding, high fiving, please book BLT for next year, we are a fab theatre company give us a break mission.
And so far we have booked a meeting to see the man from Forest Fringe, a cracking venue we spend a lot of time lurking in and seeing ace stuff in last year. So fingers crossed something might come of it. And if all falls, nay bother as they say up there. We'll just get pissed and see some fantastic theatre.

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