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Established in 2008 our company performed our first production in the basement of a small café and have since gone on to perform two home-grown plays at the Nightingale Theatre, the Hackney Empire and London’s Greenwich Theatre.

Broken Leg is currently funded by Arts Council England to research our latest production, Three Generations.

Friday, 6 June 2014

Auditions and our actors...

Who knew there were so many talented, brilliant female performers out there who'd be interested in our project? Three Generations of Women seems to be hitting a chord with lots of people, and this was very apparent with the number of actors who responded to the call out. 

With over 70 women sending in CVs, it was a mammoth task to get it down to an auditionable number of people. There are women who wouldn't necessarily be right for the parts, but we'd definitely like to keep in touch with for future projects. 

So, after about a gallon of coffee and a lot of debate, we finally had 20 performers to audition for the 4 parts. 

The Old Market Theatre kindly offered us a space, and we met the women in pairs, where they all read a monologue of their choice, as well as a duologue from the script.

It was amazing to hear the script come to life. To see the characters we'd been living with for weeks as proper people. 

We slept on the decision and the following day, Alice and I spoke first thing about our choices. Fortunately we were both on the same page, and immediately agreed on our four women. We are so excited about starting to work with them. 

They are...

Gilly Daniels playing Elsie

Moir Leslie playing Gilly (older)

Gabriella Schmidt playing Frankie and Gilly (younger)

Emily Spetch playing Maya and Lizzie. 

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